Who we are:

Mishmeret Yesha – Guardians Of Yesha is a grassroots umbrella organization operating since 1988, established by committed Jews living in Yehuda, Shomron and Azza (YESHA).

What We Do:

The not for profit organization provides Jewish towns and villages with life saving anti-terror training, security equipment and emergency medical equipment. Additionally Mishmeret Yesha operates a legal fund, conducts projects concerning land redemption and preservation and education.

It is particularly critical that every Jewish town and village in Judea and Samaria have a well trained and equipped volunteer team ready to react immediatley to any threat. Together with the IDF Mishmeret Yesha has developed the Rapid Response Team Project, equipping and training volunteer teams comprised of residents of outlying communities.

The most critical moments of any infiltration to a community are the very first minutes. The effect of an attack is measured in seconds. The average response time of outside security forces (IDF, Israel Police, Border Guard etc…) is 25 minutes! When a local Rapid Response Team has been properly trained and equipped the threat can be eliminated quickly in the most effective manner with minimal endangerment of life and limb.

The IDF supplies the team volunteers with military weapons. Mishmeret Yesha provides all other equipment and training. In addition to the life saving equipment provided to Rapid Response teams, MISHMERET YESHA has initiated Security “Free Loan” Committees providing protective equipment to men, women and children traveling the roads of Judea and Samaria and providing critical emergency medical equipment as well.

In order to provide life saving equipment of the highest quality, unmatched by any available today, MISHMERET YESHA has undertaken to design and develop, fabricate and distribute lightweight armored vests and equipment to residents of Yehudah and Shomron of all ages! Additionally Mishmeret Yesha has deigned its own armored vests for medical personnel allowing emergency medical providers lightweight, comfortable platforms from which to provide first aid in the most dangerous of situations. MISHMERET YESHA operates its own sewing facilities in Bet-El.

  • $68,000 Sponsor the equipping & training of a Rapid Response Team for an entire
  • $5,000 Sponsor the equipping & training of one Rapid Response Team member
  • $1,800 Sponsor one Day 12-hour training session
  • $1,200 Sponsor-single Motorola Communication Unit
  • $1,200 Sponsor Medical Armored Vest
  • $1,000 Sponsor -Men’s Armored Vest
  • $800 Sponsor-Women’s Armored Vest
  • $500 Sponsor-Children’s Armored Vest
  • $250 Sponsor-Ballistic Helmet